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Learn how to select the nail shape
Select the quality tools for your manicure
Learn the basics of nails and hands care
Learn to do neat and safe manicure
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Lesson 1. Nail plate anatomy.
We study the nail and skin anatomy.
Why it's important not to cut and not to file nails too deep.
Lesson 2. Tools and products review.
Main tools and cuticle removal methods.
Study cuticle unique features and their effect on nails.
Lesson 3. Nail shapes.
Study how to select the nail shape correctly.
Lesson 4. Mistakes.
Study main kinds of mistakes: from incorrect cuticle treatment to bad drying.
Lesson 5. Classic manicure.
Разбираем технику классического маникюра, с использованием ремувера для кутикулы (без аппарата).
Изучаем все этапы маникюра.
Lesson 6. Moisturizing and care after manicure.
Study the classic manicure technique using cuticle remover (without a machine).
Study every step of manicure.
Lesson 7. Nail regeneration methods.
Study a number of ways to recover nails at home.
Lesson 8. Bonus: male hygienic manicure.
Male nail care.
How to do the right male manicure.
Diana Silitskaya
— Went throu the whole way from working at home to her own parlor

— Changed her life, refused the lawyer career to pursue the work she likes

— Constantly upgrades her expertise, stays up-to-date and popular nail artist

— 1.5 years of experience
«Want to express a huge gratitude to Diana for her light, inspiration and work to create this course. It helped me a lot, not only to do good manicure, but to realize that I did what doesn't make me happy for a long time.»
Varvara Polyakova
city: Rostov-on-Don
«What can I say, the female part of my family is in line to get my manicure and refuses to go to other artists))))»
Alisa Karpova
city: Izhevsk
«Very useful course with neat content without empty talk and out of place details, down to business. Liked the part about male manicure very much. Actually, men should pay attention to his part of their bodies.»
Yana Guseva
city: Volgograd
«It's a miracle how well I've learned to do mamicure just after a few lessons! Before that, I could easily cut the cuticle down to the root and go around complaining about bad feeling.»
Yasmina Kondratyeva
city: Saransk
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